About VuePress Gallery

VuePress Gallery is a curated list of custom VuePress themes and resources. Find inspiration and learning materials to help you get started writing your own VuePress themes.

VuePress Gallery is made with VuePress and created by Victoria Bergquist.

If you would like add your own theme to the gallery, please submit a pull request. Other contributions are also welcome and appreciated!


VuePress Gallery is a work in progress. Here are some features that are currently being planned or worked on:

  • Image optimization
  • More themes
  • Accessibility fixes
  • Repository links for each theme
  • Submit a theme feature
  • Resource page
  • VuePress components library

For more information, please take a look at the project on GitHub.

What is VuePress?

VuePress is a Vue-powered static site generator for writing documentation. To learn more about VuePress and to get started, please see the official documentation.

You can now also get started with VuePress on CodeSandbox! VuePress has been added as a server template and the starter project includes information about files and structure, as well as a small guide on how to get started with theme customization.